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Metal or stainless steel butt plugs are very popluar among different butt plugs. It is smooth and seamless and easy to put into your hole. Here are a lot of metal plug collections for your choice. High quality with fair price.

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Nowadays, pleasuring your ass can be achieved through so many ways. You can go naturel with a regular old penis, or you can go crazy with anal beads or inflatable toys. Either way is fine, but for some people, the traditional butt plug design is more than enough. Of course, just because you’re settling on something tried and tested, doesn’t mean you’re settling on something drab or boring. Sometimes, just changing materials is more than enough to spice up your anal pleasuring needs. One such twist on the regular butt plug are metal and steel butt plugs.

As you may have guessed by the name, metal butt plugs are butt plugs made from metal and steel. Now, most anal butt plugs manufactured nowadays are made from silicone rubber. It’s a great material, sure, but there are some aspects of metal butt plugs that make it better in some ways, and we’ll tell you why.

What are Metal Butt Plugs Made of

Most metal butt plugs produced nowadays are made from stainless steel, although other metals can be used as well, such as aluminum or brass. Metal butt plugs retain a lot of the properties that make metal such an appealing item for creating sex toys. 

Metal is hard, rigid, durable, and very easy to shape. It also has properties that can cater to a lot of fetishes that some people are into, such as its ability to retain temperature and electric conductivity, making them perfect for temperature play and electroshock play, respectively.

Stainless steel is primarily chosen for metal plugs mostly for its lighter weight, smooth surface, and the fact that it doesn’t corrode, which is one of the things manufacturers need to watch out for. You see, metal  plugs that see a lot of use come into contact with a lot of liquids, like lubricants, and this can potentially cause them to corrode or rust.

We don’t have to tell you that putting rusty metal up your ass isn’t a good thing. That’s why, for metal and steel butt plugs, the most common materials used is stainless steel, which still retains a lot of the advantages of most metals, but it doesn’t rust. Of course, there are other non-corrosive metals that can be used for making metal and steel butt plugs, such as aluminum, brass and even gold or silver, but stainless steel is the most cost effective.

Available Metal Plug Designs

Although metal and steel butt plugs may seem to follow the basic shape of butt plugs, the inherent malleability of metal allows manufacturers to create many different designs that people can choose from. Whether you’re looking for something with a different size, weight, or even something with a crazy design, there’s a metal and steel butt plug that can cater to you. Here are some of the designs you can find for metal and steel butt plugs.

Ribbed Metal Butt Plugs

Adding a bitt of texture to your metal and steel butt plug can give a very unique experience, and that’s what ribbed butt plugs are made for. Ribbed plugs have raised bumps on the bits that are placed in your ass. This raised texture adds a new level of pleasure whenever you wear your metal and steel butt plug. If you’re getting penetrated while wearing one of these, or it’s pressing against your prostate, the ribbed texture is amplified further. Add to the fact that metal and steel butt plugs are hard, and you can certainly feel every bump vividly.

Large Metal Butt Plugs

If you’re someone who has gotten used to the regular sized butt plug and want something more, then large metal and steel butt plugs are what you need. These butt plugs are pretty much the same as regular butt plugs in terms of overall shape, with the only difference being the size. These butt plugs can be twice as large as a regular plug.

This makes large metal and steel butt plugs a bit unsafe for people not used to butt plugs in general. Especially so, since the material doesn’t have much give when you’re using it. If you are able to use it, make sure that you have a lot of lubrication on hand.

Electroshock Metal Butt Plugs

This one is for people who find a bit of pleasure from the pain. Because metal and steel butt plugs have such good conductivity, some have been designed to help masochists get off through controlled electrocution. These metal and steel butt plugs can either be attached via wires to an outlet or a portable battery.

These plugs would then send electric shocks of varying strength and frequency to help give both pleasure and pain. These electroshock butt plugs probably isn’t for everyone, but thanks to the good electric conductivity of metal and steel butt plugs, it’s certainly possible for masochists to have a bit of fun as well.

The Pros and Cons of Metal Plugs

Purchasing metal and steel butt plugs, or any sex toy for that matter, can be a bit overwhelming, especially since there’s so many to choose from. Making an informed choice is vital though, and to that, you need to be well-informed. In order to see whether or not metal and steel butt plugs are for you, here are some of the pros and cons of using them. 

Pro – They are Body Friendly

One of the biggest draws of using metal and steel butt plugs, especially for people with allergies, is that they’re hypoallergenic. This means that no matter what types of allergies you have, or health conditions, so long as you have a healthy ass, you’re generally okay to use metal and steel butt plugs.

Of course, there can be exceptions in the form of nickel. Some stainless steel used in manufacturing metal and steel butt plugs may contain nickel, so if you are allergic to nickel, give this a wide berth. A good idea is to ask either the seller or the manufacturer for info on your butt plugs. Metal and steel butt plugs are also free of phthalates and other harmful chemicals, making them virtually non-toxic.

Pro – Metal is Very Durable

Metal is one of the most durable materials around, and this pretty much applies to metal and steel butt plugs as well. If you’re tired of replacing your sex toys continuously because they break so often, then try to get one that’s made of metal, especially stainless steel.

Pro – They are Easy to Clean

Metal and steel butt plugs generally have a smooth finish, which makes them non porous. If a material lacks pores on its surface, then that means there are fewer places for bacteria to hang out in. The best part is, that not only does metal prevent bacteria from grabbing hold, they’re also easy to clean, since they are heat resistant. Sanitizing your metal and steel butt plug could be as simple as soaking them in boiling water for a few minutes.

Pro – They Can be Lightweight, and They Can be Heavy

Depending on the type of metal used on your metal and steel butt plug, you can choose one that has some weight to it, or you can get a more lightweight one. Stainless steel tends to be heavier, and you can definitely feel it through your ass when you’re wearing one. If you’re not a fan of that sensation, then you can get a plug made from aluminum instead. Both materials share all the benefits of metal and steel butt plugs, with only the weight being a major difference.

Pro – Can be Used with Most Lubricants

Metal is a non-reactive material, so metal and steel butt plugs are safe to use with most lubricants, without being damaged. This is in stark contrast to silicone butt plugs that degrade and warp when used with silicone based lubricants, severely limiting the types of lube you can use with your toys.

Pro – They’re Good at Retaining Temperature

If you’re into temperature or thermal play, then metal and steel butt plugs are for you. You can heat them up or cool them down and they will retain the temperature pretty well for your fetish. Best part is that it doesn’t take much to heat them up or cool them, thanks to metal’s conductive nature.

Con – They Can be a Bit Pricey

One of the downsides of metal and steel butt plugs is that they’re hard to manufacture, and the material is expensive. This makes them a bit on the pricier end, with some types of metals being more expensive than others.

Con – They’re not Flexible

Metal and steel butt plugs are rigid, and although some people are really into that, it might not be a good candidate for beginners. Having a rigid structure can cause discomfort when you’re not careful, but usually enough lubrication can help you out with this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are metal and steel butt plugs dishwasher safe?

A: In theory, yes. Metals are heat resistant and they don’t rust, so you can put them in your dishwasher. Of course, we highly recommend you don’t do this while there is other kitchenware in your machine.

Q: Which lubricants are okay with metal and steel butt plugs?

A: Pretty much any lubrication is safe to use with metal and steel butt plugs. Metal is not reactive to most lubricants available on the market. If you have a specific preference on lubrication, have at it. You should be fine.

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