Jewel Butt Plugs

Jewel butt plugs are fancy sex toys for both couples and singles. The only difference between jeweled plugs and other butt plugs is its special decoration design on the top. Like other butt plugs, jeweled plugs also have some differences in shape, size and material. This jewel plugs can be used for both men and women, because inserting a butt plug will bring people a strong sense of pleasure in the anus. When you are looking for this kind of toys, do you want to surprise your partner and give him a hint of desire? So, a beautiful jewel butt plug is indeed a perfect gift. Its sleek design and glittering decoration will help to create a particularly emotional atmosphere during your love game. Modern lovers can’t live without butt plugs in bed. At Riio shop, we have jeweled butt plugs in all sizes, shapes and types. Here you will find BDSM plugs decorated with chains and spikes, as well as luxurious variants of animal tails and frivolous models in the form of real jewelry. If you want to customize your own jewelry plugs, just contact our sales manager for details. Customized and wholesale orders are accepted to meet your demand for different love toys.

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