Fox Tail Plugs

What is your impression of foxes? Naughty, sexy or attractive? In role-playing, the image of the fox is really unique.  A fox is the embodiment of a cunning, sinister and beautiful mistress. It can always attract people’s attention and can shine in any occasion. It is definitely a great idea to introduce the role of the fox into sex. When your partner wears a fluffy fox tail plug in front of you and performs a seductive dance, she/he will turn into a cute little fox. Her/his butt will look very sexy,  and your skin will be stroked by the fur on the tail from time to time. The enthusiasm and wildness of this animal will stimulate your unlimited sexual potential, and make you lost in endless fantasy. The fox tail butt plug also helps your partner relax the muscles of the anus to prepare for anal sex. Next, you can start your love game with your fox lover. You can also try double penetrations, the feeling of fullness will a very beautiful and pleasant experience for both lovers. In our shop, we offer different kind of butt plugs with various artificial fox tails, which are very fluffy and beautiful. There are many sizes and colors to choose from. Anal plugs are also made of various materials, such as steel, glass, silicone and so on. After special processing, these butt plugs are completely hypoallergenic and safe to use. Choose the fox tail butt plugs that suit you, be safe and have fun.

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